Tacoma Children Prove They Can 'Be Ready' for Ministry

August 27, 2015 | Heidi Baumgartner

Six youth, ages 10–13, from Tacoma, Wash., prayed for 10 months about doing something big for God through their Be Ready puppet ministry.

God opened the doors for them to sing 90 puppet songs, perform 48 puppet scripts, and present 32 worships; minister 16 hours a day at four different stage locations; and walk 56 miles in the space of nine days during July's General Conference Session in San Antonio, Tex.

“I was amazed at how many Adventist people were there and how people from other countries worked so hard to get there,” says Ellie Kimura, age 12.

Her sister, Kaili, age 10, liked singing, sharing God’s messages, and seeing other cultures at GC session.

“I saw that God is powerful and has many followers,” says Kaili Kimura.

Four days into their ministry, the puppet team discovered that someone who objected to the sound volume of their program had disabled their sound system. With many tears and prayers, the team stayed up late that night writing personal letters to key leaders seeking a solution to the problem. The next morning, the General Conference children’s ministries department resolved the situation, and the puppet ministry was back in action.

“It was so amazing to see the Be Ready Team kneeling in prayer in the middle of the busy convention hall as they gave thanks to God,” say Brent Kimura, Tacoma Central Church associate pastor.

The puppet team fielded questions about how their ministry operated, accepted multiple invitations to perform at convention hall booths, and were featured in a video news report. Each puppet performances attracted crowds of 30-200 people who all tried to catch a glimpse of the elementary kids and their puppets.

“I liked ministering to others and walking around seeing different booths,” says Almonds Sebirokwa, age 12. “I now see that there are very many of us in the world church and that we can work hard to spread our church.”

The Be Ready team is now exploring a 10-part DVD puppet series for Hope Channel Philippines and continuing to see how God is leading them in ministry.

The best lesson learned? “Nothing beats sensing the presence of God in their lives,” Kimura says.

Ellie Kimura adds: “No matter what obstacles come your way, keep believing. God will lead you through. Never falter in your faith.”