Red Cross Honors Darby Church Member

August 12, 2015 | Edie Ellingson

A Darby Church member was recently recognized by the Red Cross for 72 years of donating blood.

While 17-year-old Jim Kyle was a student at Mount Ellis Academy (MEA) in Bozeman in 1943, he heard an announcement that blood donors were urgently needed at the local hospital in Bozeman for a lady that was hemorrhaging. Upon hearing this, Kyle decided to see if he could help. While waiting to have his blood typed, he phoned a special friend and classmate, Sybil, to tell her of his plan. His phone call was answered by Sybil’s sister, Jeanne, who was happy to relay his message. Kyle's message stated, “I’m wondering if my blood will do?” When relaying the message to Sybil, Jeanne added, “I wonder if our love is true?”

Both answers were positive. Kyle’s blood was a good match for the patient. And after Kyle's Army service, while Sybil attended Walla Walla College, they were married in College Place, Wash., on June 8, 1947, by H.E. Westermyer. 

After that first donation, Kyle continued giving blood for 72 years. During a recent blood drive at MEA's 2015 alumni reunion, Kyle was awarded a 25-gallon pin by the Red Cross after making his 200th blood donation.

Kyle says he is happy to know that his blood has helped many people in need, and he refers to blood as a “God-given renewable resource.”