News for August 2015

Pathfinders Salute Longtime Leader

August 27, 2015

Clyde Phillips was a relatively new Adventist, an adult college graduate and married with children when he moved to Marysville, Wash., in 1982. He and his wife, Sandee, asked church leaders how they could be involved in their local church. The leaders suggested a ministry opening in Pathfinders.

According to family lore, Phillips responded, “We’d love to help. I just have one question: What’s Pathfinders?”

Milo Summer Work Program Grows

August 27, 2015 / Kathy Hernandez

This summer, 38 students worked at Milo Adventist Academy in Days Creek, Ore., to help pay for their tuition this fall. Students had worship every morning at 8 a.m., then divided up into crews for the day. Activities included helping in the cafeteria, landscaping, maintenance, painting, cleaning, waxing classroom floors, working in Advanced Assembly, assisting in the office and other tasks as needed. 

Senior Sarah Ayon says she most enjoyed “the times I get to spend with friends without having to worry about schoolwork.” 

Tacoma Children Prove They Can 'Be Ready' for Ministry

August 27, 2015 / Heidi Baumgartner

Six youth, ages 10–13, from Tacoma, Wash., prayed for 10 months about doing something big for God through their Be Ready puppet ministry.

God opened the doors for them to sing 90 puppet songs, perform 48 puppet scripts, and present 32 worships; minister 16 hours a day at four different stage locations; and walk 56 miles in the space of nine days during July's General Conference Session in San Antonio, Tex.

“I was amazed at how many Adventist people were there and how people from other countries worked so hard to get there,” says Ellie Kimura, age 12.

His Travelers Enjoy Summer to Remember

August 27, 2015 / Tamara Michalenko Terry

Praising God for head lice is not something one would expect, but Andrea Anderson, Upper Columbia Conference His Travelers team leader, did just that this summer while serving with her team, Kisa McClosky and Polly Officer.

“Three of the children who attended regularly came due to a head lice outbreak at the community program they normally attended,” Anderson explains. “They had never heard the story of Moses or even knew about the Bible.”

Loaves and Fishes Principle Helps Fire Recovery

August 27, 2015 / Patty Marsh

Four separate lightning strikes on July 14, 2014, in central Washington's Methow Valley began the Carlton Complex Fire, which would become the largest wildfire in Washington state history as it burned 350,000 acres. In the months following, God’s people responded to a simple request to support those hit by this disaster by donating with monetary gifts both small and large.

Youth Rush Summer Changes Lives

August 27, 2015 / Robert Koorenny

“Youth Rush has changed my life completely,” says Emilie Carr, a high school senior from Yakima, Wash., who was participating in her first summer of the annual student colporteur program in Upper Columbia Conference (UCC). “I now understand how important our lives are to God, and as His followers we need to bring others to Him as well.” She and the 17 other young people shared nearly 1.3 million pages of Bible-based literature with people throughout the conference territory.

Young Adults Hold 'Digging Deeper' Retreat

August 27, 2015 / Sara Maniscalco

“Lord, what would you have us do to reach young adults in our area?” This was the question that was on the hearts of a group of young adults as they met once again to talk about their plans for ministry in Spokane. Actually, this question had been on their hearts for over a year and had led them to organize Bible studies, vespers, game nights, camping trips and other events that brought young adults together for fun and fellowship. But after all of this, they still felt the need to ask God, “What more?”