Upper Columbia Conference Holds 77th Constituency Session

June 03, 2015

During the 77th Upper Columbia Conference constituency session, held May 31 in Spangle, Wash., nearly 500 Upper Columbia Conference delegates overwhelmingly voted to approve the reelection of all four conference officers. Paul Hoover will continue as president, Doug Johnson as vice president for administration, Randy Terry as vice president for finance, and Larry Marsh as vice president for education.

The delegates, who traveled from three different states to Upper Columbia Academy’s gymnasium, also elected conference departmental directors, the executive committee, the constitution and bylaws committee, and the K–12 board of education for the coming four-year term.

Hoover’s devotional message to begin the session reiterated the conference’s mission to make disciples and grow them into the men and women God intended them to be. That mission was illustrated abundantly in the growth of Hispanic churches within the conference. Four new churches were voted into the sisterhood of conference churches: Granger Spanish, Kennewick Spanish, Pendleton Spanish and Wapato Spanish. One church was officially closed by vote of the delegates — the Pasco Country Haven Church.

There was some active discussion on issues related to considerations of gender, age and diversity in recommended bylaw changes, but in the end most changes were largely routine.

In the end, delegates at the session carried out the important work with the honest spirit of a town hall meeting — members of differing viewpoints felt comfortable to speak their minds.

In closing, Hoover acknowledged that current and future issues are not insignificant — “Indeed,” he said, “they loom large and speak with a big voice. But I’m reminded of a smaller voice that speaks much louder.” He referenced the encouraging words of Ellen White from Acts of the Apostles, which echo the promise of God for all who work for His mission: “He made full provision for the prosecution of their work and took upon himself the responsibility for its success. So long as they worked in cooperation with him, they could not fail.”

View more photos of the constituency session here.

Departmental Directors 2015–2019

  • Jay Wintermeyer, communication
  • Mark Weir, ministerial
  • Art Lenz, information and technology services
  • John Stanton, personal evangelism, discipleship and adult Sabbath school
  • Patty Marsh, community services, women’s ministries, children’s ministries
  • Wendy Eberhardt, youth
  • Herman Schreven, Adventist Book Center
  • Andrew McCrary, trust
  • Richard Parker, human resources
  • NOTE: Pathfinder/family life/NSO director will be selected by executive committee

Executive Committee 2015–2019

  • Paul Hoover, chair
  • Doug Johnson
  • Randy Terry
  • Larry Marsh
  • Rosemary Watts
  • Monty Knittel
  • John McVay
  • Shelley Bacon
  • Larry Dodds
  • Mable Dunbar
  • Merlin Ekvall
  • Jaime Flores
  • Russell Gilbert
  • Mindi Irvine
  • Jeff Kinne
  • Kent Knight
  • Dean Kravig
  • Darin Patzer
  • Patti Schultz
  • Melissa Taylor
  • Mike Tillay

K–12 Board of Education 2015–2019

  • Paul Hoover, chair
  • Doug Johnson
  • Randy Terry
  • Larry Marsh
  • Dennis Plubell
  • Leslie Bumgardner
  • Denise Dunzweiler
  • Tito Espinoza Sr.
  • Larry Goodhew Sr.
  • Geoff Heald
  • Lance Irvine
  • Debby Maniscalco
  • Keeni Mitchell
  • Walter Pintos
  • Julie Savino
  • Sharon Searson
  • Ron Turner
  • Sherri Wheeler
  • John Winslow