Run2Educate Features a Day of Run, Fun and Sun

June 12, 2015 | Gina Hubin

More than 150 eager runners and walkers, from ages 2 to 85, lined up on May 3 for a race course that wound through the countryside around rural Auburn and offered many gorgeous views of Mount Rainier.

This picture-perfect day highlighted Run2Educate, a special fundraising event hosted by Buena Vista Seventh-day Adventist Elementary School. The event featured 10K and 5K races and a Kids Fun Run.

"It was thrilling to see the school family and so many community volunteers make this event come together successfully,” says Ron Trautwein, Buena Vista principal. “We are so blessed by the volunteer spirit that is such an important part of this school family."

Run2Educate began as a fundraising event for Auburn Adventist Academy before transferring last year to Buena Vista. The elementary school needed funding for computer technology upgrades. In total, with sponsors' participation, student fundraising and race entrance fee, Buena Vista was able to raise more than half the goal for technology needs.

The school librarian and event director, Nikki Kiger, worked with a team of avid runners and exercise enthusiasts to secure sponsors, define the course, obtain city/county permits and recruit volunteers.

One of the biggest "faith muscle" moments came with the Kids Fun Run obstacle course, sponsored by the estate of Richard and Evelyn Trautwein.

“There were certain elements I had designed into the course, and I wasn’t sure how we were going to fund all the needed elements,” says Marianna Moudy, course manager. The team prayed for specific needs and watched to see how God would provide.

Moudy spotted two culvert pipes along her running pathway one day and placed a few phone calls to inquire about using culverts as course tunnels. The construction director turned out to be a former Buena Vista student and a graduate of Auburn Adventist Academy.

The Kids Fun Run proved to be a highlight of the event, and 75 students, ages 2–14, had fun swinging across a water pool, throwing water balloons and running through various obstacles.

The next Run2Educate will be hosted on April 10, 2016. Click through a Run2Educate photo gallery at