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June 08, 2015

Editor's Note: Periodically the Gleaner will feature reviews or summaries of recently published books from the Pacific Press Publishing Association. Following are the second set of featured books in the series.

40 Days: Prayers and Devotions Reflecting on the Cross of Christ

Dennis Smith

This is the fifth volume in the series by Dennis Smith, and its central focus is on the cross of Christ. In today’s media-saturated, overly distracted culture, however, there is the danger that the cross has lost something of its potency.

In 40 Days: Prayers and Devotions Reflecting on the Cross of Christ is a heartfelt call to reexamine the significance of the cross in our lives. Each day’s plan includes a devotional reading with discussion questions and a guided prayer focus that is especially effective when done together with a prayer partner.

As powerful as this series is, though, it is more than an inspiring primer on prayer and devotions. At its core it contains a call to pray for and reach out to others who are seeking to know Christ. It is often used by churches in preparation for an evangelistic series. 

“The more we understand the love of God as revealed in the cross of Christ,” says Smith, “the more we will love God and one another [and] the more we will become like Jesus Christ in heart and character.”

Accept the challenge to commit to 40 days of prayer and rediscover that the cross of Christ is something to glory in, to rejoice in and to proclaim to the world.


Daring to Ask for More

Melody Mason

This new book by Melody Mason is a journey into a deeper, more daring prayer experience. Daring to Ask for More contains important keys to help readers understand and practice what it means to persist and persevere in seeking the Lord through prayer. These include Overcoming the Distraction Dilemma, Dangerous Truth Distortions, Putting on God’s Whole Armor, and The Power of Prayer and Fasting.

Each chapter is filled with a rich supply of Biblical references and includes relevant passages from the writings of Ellen G. White. Inspirational, instructional and practical, Daring to Ask For More will challenge you to recognize the unlimited possibilities that are within the grasp of anyone willing to pray in faith.

Put into practice the principles outlined in Daring to Ask for More, and your life will change. Your faith will grow, and you will be prepared for the outpouring of the latter rain that will equip God’s people to finish the work so we can all go home.

If you are looking for keys to answered prayer or success in ministry, or if you are tired of just getting by spiritually and long for more in your walk with God, Daring to Ask for More is exactly what you need. Expect a paradigm shift in faith and prayer.

Evangelist and author Dwight K. Nelson says, “Melody’s new book is long overdue. May our hearts be stirred up as never before to seek God through prayer — while there is still time.”


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