NCS Expands the Ministry of Education

June 29, 2015 | Craig Mattson

Northwest Christian School (NCS), in Puyallup, Wash., is quickly establishing global notoriety, first in Korea and now in China. 

NCS officially established a landmark sister school agreement last year with the Wonju Sahmyook Middle School in South Korea. This year, NCS principal Craig Mattson and office manager Chrystal Clemens traveled with the Washington International Student Experience (WISE) to Hangzhou, China, establishing two additional sister school relationships.

Both the Yuhang Cangqian Middle School and the Hangzhou Xinda Foreign Language School are linked to the Washington Conference through their sister-school ties with NCS. These schools are planning short-program trips to Washington that will be hosted by Northwest Christian School. These three-week short-program experiences focus on giving Chinese students a full American cultural experience. 

Members of the Puyallup Church will be opening their homes and serving as host families for the visiting students. Students are given the opportunity to study and worship alongside NCS students experiencing American Adventist education firsthand. These friends from China will also be given the opportunity to travel around the region to experience Seattle’s Pike Place Market, the capital building in Olympia and Sunset Lake Camp in Wilkeson.

Northwest Christian School and WISE are working with Auburn Adventist Academy, Sunset Lake and local chambers of commerce to enhance programming for the short programs. NCS currently has four short programs scheduled for the 2015–2016 school year.