Lewiston Students Help Clothes for the Cause

June 16, 2015 | Richard Rasmussen

This year Beacon Christian School in Lewiston, Idaho, partnered with Clothes for the Cause, a fundraising company that collects used clothes in exchange for cash. The fundraising event raised money this year to help the Beacon Budget Boost fund.

The school served as the local center for donations, including clothing contributed through Lewiston High School and Clarkston High School. It was the spot where Clothes for the Cause sent their semitruck in March to load up the thousands of pounds of used clothes, belts and shoes collected.

Through this fundraising event, Clothes for the Cause gives community groups — churches, schools, sports teams and others — the opportunity to turn their friends and families’ unwanted clothes into cash, while promoting sustainability and charitable acts in their community.

This year’s event raised $2,364, and 11,230 pounds of used clothing was collected. Due to the success of this event, parent organizers are planning on hosting the same fundraiser next school year.