A Foundation of Belief

June 29, 2015 | John Soule

Adventist Christian education is a necessary foundation for any society to succeed. The values, beliefs and knowledge imparted in the classroom allow Adventist young people to be equipped for their careers and prepared for citizenship in heaven. The failure to educate our young people is equal to failing our society.              

Adventist education is unique in that a lot of the leaders in our church culture have been educated in our system, including our present teachers. When our world church grows and changes, we do not lose the foundation on which we base our beliefs.

Through my career, I am reminded that it is an honor to be an Adventist educator. Some of my students have not only changed their lives for the better but also mine. I am reminded that God created our young people to be amazing and powerful beyond measure. As I walk the halls of our schools, I see students laughing, talking, reading and praying. This helps me know our future is in capable hands.

Adventist teachers have a responsibility to show our young people not only academics, but also a positive picture of Christ and what a relationship with Him looks. Adventist teachers who understand this responsibility have the potential to not only impact the lives of students, but also the lives around them and ultimately the world.

Christ summed up in His teachings in Matt. 10:27: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength, and mind, and your neighbor as yourself.” This is the essence of Adventist Christian education.

Adventist education is the spark that lights the flame that allows young people to change a village in Malaysia or a city in Africa or a town in South America or a neighborhood in Seattle. It is an avenue to facilitate change for the good of all. It teaches our students to be free thinkers and not just reflectors of men’s thoughts. It allows them to have a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ, the Master Teacher who will never fail to hold them to their true potential.

Thank God for Adventist Christian education.

John Soule recently accepted Auburn Adventist Academy’s invitation to serve as principal. As part of his introduction to you, we asked him to share why he believes Adventist Christian education is important.