Forest Park Students Grow in Faith

June 18, 2015 | Linda Taber

Excited students from Forest Park Adventist Christian School in Everett, Wash., begin filtering into the Marysville (Wash.) Church early on Sabbath, April 25. On this day the students would see the results from their many hours of preparation. Although nervous, students were ready to present every aspect of the worship service.

Learning to be a church leader and to share a passion for Jesus Christ is a key aspect of education in Seventh-day Adventist schools. Forest Park Adventist Christian School agrees students need these opportunities to help them grow into the men and women of faith that God would have them be. 

All 24 students in the school had a part in the program, which had a general theme celebrating the wonderful gift of salvation. Under the direction of Sandra Clay, students in kindergarten through eighth grade sang several selections, and first-grader Gabby Hamilton sang a solo. Their energy and love for Jesus added smiles of blessings to those listening. Third-grade students invited the children to come forward for a wonderful story on reflecting on how God’s love is like a ball — it has no beginning and no end and “… like a ball — it keeps going and going.” Students in grades four through eight then delivered short sermonettes. 

Head teacher Cindy Miller reports that the upper grade students spent most morning worships in Bible studies throughout the year. This helped to lead the students to a deeper understanding how Biblical principles apply to their lives and a desire to share with others. Miller provided sermon starters and allowed the students to select the topics and Bible verses that most interested them.

Kumari, a sixth-grader, made a large, beautiful butterfly to illustrate her point that inviting Jesus into one’s heart meant He will make one into a new creation, just like the caterpillar changes into a beautiful butterfly. She reports that she was excited to share and happy that people got a blessing from the message. Eighth-grader Damien Diaz, shared he was extremely nervous about speaking in a church where he did not know anyone, but the thing that kept him going forward was the importance of delivering God’s message.

Students and staff at Forest Park Adventist Christian School plan to continue and grow this ministry to other venues. Following God’s command to take the message into their local communities is an important part of their mission.