Seattle Korean Nurtures Community Relationships

May 26, 2015 | Heidi Baumgartner

Each spring, members of Seattle Korean Adventist Church in Everett, Wash., plan a variety of evangelism and outreach activities. This year was no exception.

They invited relatives and friends in preparation for a weeklong Bible prophecy seminar by Dae Sung Kim, Korean Union Conference president.

In addition, the congregation placed advertisements in a Korean daily newspaper and arranged for a local radio station interview, featuring Kim.

The invitations resulted in a full sanctuary with members and guests in attendance.

“There were few visitors solely hearing of the seminar through those channels, without any prior relationships to our church or our church members,” says Hwisung Im, Seattle Korean Church member. “The immediate responses were very positive, and many attended through the end of the seminar.”

Seattle Korean also offered a cooking class and a computer skills class to get better acquainted with their guests.

Through the meetings and classes, the Seattle Korean family added five new members, and three more are planning to join soon. A leader from another denomination also attended the meetings and appreciated the depth and application of Bible study.

“Evangelism is our church’s top mission,” Im says, “and we are planning to regularly host various classes for the community and use those events to invite more people to our church or any of our neighbor SDA churches.”