Romanian Church Welcomes New Member

May 15, 2015 | Danel Ciobanu

How far will God go to restore one of His children? More than a quarter of a century, to the other side of the world, using two languages and through members of His church in two cultures — that is how far He went to reach Angela Fuller. The Portland Romanian Adventist Church in Oregon celebrated that restoration as a prodigal daughter finally returned home on Feb. 28.

Fuller left the Adventist Church as a young adult in 1989. Since that time she re-established her relationship with the Lord, even obtaining degrees in Christian ministry and biblical studies. However, while she still believed the Adventist doctrines to be true, Fuller had never returned to the church. 

Last September Fuller's son, a member of the Oregon Adventist Men’s Chorus (OAMC), invited her to travel with the ministry group to Romania. Through that trip, God used the members of the Oregon and Romanian choruses, and the people, culture and language of Romania to touch Fuller’s heart in a new way. She was convicted that God wanted her to return to Romania to serve in ministry. She also knew it was time to return home to the Adventist Church. 

She visited the Romanian Church where she was warmly welcomed by the pastor, Daniel Ciobanu, and numerous church members. Fuller began attending services every week and also began studying the Romanian language. The Romanian Church members made her part of their family, and Fuller knew she had indeed arrived home.

When Ciobanu asked about transferring her membership, Fuller explained her history away from the church and expressed a desire to be rebaptized. After subsequent meetings with Ciobanu to confirm her faith, a traditional Romanian baptismal service was planned. The church sanctuary and foyer were standing-room only as church members, family, friends and many OAMC singers who had been with Fuller on the trip to Romania in 2014, celebrated the work of God’s grace in her life. In front of the church, Fuller gave her testimony in Romanian for the first time. “I am so thankful for the Romanian Adventists who have reflected the character of God to me through their lives — both in Romania and here in this church," she said.