One Bible Worker Makes Big Difference in Stevens County

January 2014 started the year off in an outreach adventure when Kris Akenberger moved to Stevens County, Wash. This gentle giant with a tender heart made an impression on the lives of all those with whom he came in contact.

Akenberger went door to door in the snow, ice, rain or heat, looking for anyone interested in studying the Bible. Whenever he could he would take a church member with him as he sought individuals interested in God's Word.

This was a beautiful opportunity for lay people to work in God's vineyard with a Bible worker trained in reaching souls for Christ's kingdom. Week after week, Akenberger would patiently and earnestly lead his Bible student to accept Christ and the beautiful truths from His Word. His tender and compassionate heart was evidence of his sincerity and desire for their salvation.

Because of Akenberger’s efforts, four new people have joined district churches: Evelyn Arnold in Inchelium, Wash.; Grant Burkhart and Joanne Brunne in Kettle Falls, Wash.; and Jennifer Kittilson in Northport, Wash.

Akenberger now works with ASI Youth for Jesus in Spokane, Wash.

April 06, 2015 / Upper Columbia Conference