Midnight Son Church Launches Youth Programs

The Midnight Son Church in Kenai started two children’s programs on Jan. 14. The first one is the Midnight Son Adventist Youth Society, for ages 12–18, directed by Crystal Sumner. The second program is Little Lambs and Adventurers for ages 3–9, directed by Toni Loop with Tiphany Vandoe as the assistant. There are three girls in the Midnight Son Adventist Youth Society and three boys and one girl in Adventurers. The groups meet every Wednesday night from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m., and dinner is provided for the children.

Sumner says the mission of Midnight Son Adventist Youth Society is “to be a place for the youth to hang out to have fun, while learning about Jesus.” They spent one evening discussing what makes a friendship work, and then they had to make a friendship recipe. Next, they are creating a friendship recipe plaques.

The Adventurers sold giant chocolate kisses in the February to raise money for uniforms. The children had fun making and wrapping up the giant chocolate kisses while learning the value of hard work and working to get what you want. They look forward to wearing their uniforms. They are working on their safety award and learning about bears. The Adventurers talked about difference between brown and black bears, what you should do if you see one, and what you should not to do. As part of earning their awards, the children are creating bear safety posters.

Loop and Sumner were Pathfinders as teenagers. Loop has fond memories of earning badges and the wonderful crafts they made and wants to create good memories for her Adventurers. Sumner has worked with teenagers for more than five years in her job. She can see how positive encouragement and a guiding hand can make a difference in a teenager’s life. She strives to provide this for her group attendees.

April 02, 2015 / Alaska Conference