Spirit Lake Reaches Out Through Cooking

Community outreach starts with healthful approaches to cooking at the Spirit Lake (Idaho) Church. Several church members have formed a food prep crew and are having a great time welcoming new friends in the fellowship hall to experience ongoing monthly cooking classes. Through these free classes, participants learn the preparation and great tastes of vegan cuisine.

The classes were developed after discovering a real need and growing interest in Adventist Bible-based health practices. They are advertised in flyers and local newspapers.

The program began with a holiday cooking class. The current series has a focus on diabetic health, with classes directed at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each class offers tools for fighting chronic illness, presents short lectures by medical professionals, demonstrates easy recipe preparation, and offers delicious samples.

Josh Vasquez, Spirit Lake Church Bible worker, has had experience working as a chef and is contributing his gourmet expertise. The church is blessed with several members who are exceptional vegan cooks and willing teachers. Everyone is looking forward to learning more about the abundance God has provided in nature. One of the cooks is also an experienced forager. She will be teaching this spring and summer.

March 26, 2015 / Upper Columbia Conference