Oregon Pathfinders Hold TLT Convention

March 05, 2015 | Tracy Wood

It was a damp weekend Jan. 30–Feb. 2 in the forest of Camp Adams near Molalla as 127 people converged for the annual Oregon Pathfinders TLT (Teen Leadership Training) Convention. However, the spirits of all who attended were not dampened by the weather. Rather, inside it was warm and cozy as they filled the meeting room, dining room and cabins with excitement and energy. 

Friday night started off with making new friends and getting reacquainted with old ones through icebreaker activities and Mentor and Mentee (M&M) meetings. On Sabbath morning, everyone participated in Go Fish children’s evangelism training hosted by Oregon Conference children’s ministries under the direction of Sherri Uhrig and Gloria Beerman. In the afternoon, 19 new TLTs were inducted into the TLT program and received their TLT shoulder cord. 

The weekend was filled with leadership training workshops for TLTs, mentors and conference leaders. There were 50 TLTs training, 45 mentors modeling, 14 clubs attending, 19 instructors teaching, 26 convention staff participating, five certified teen leadership trainers (young adults who completed the TLT program) inspiring, 10 out-of-conference leaders learning and our three-in-one God guiding. “This has been our best TLT Convention ever," said Ray Jordan and Ralph Staley, both Oregon Conference district coordinators.

TLTs from throughout the Oregon Conference, along with three clubs from the Washington Conference, attended. In addition, 10 leaders came from around North American Division, including from the South New England, Potomac, Georgia-Cumberland, Florida and Texas conferences, and from Advent Source in Lincoln, Neb. Their goal was to observe and learn concepts of TLT ministry they could take back and implement within their conferences.

Plans are already developing for next year’s TLT Convention, scheduled for Jan. 29–31, 2016. Organizers anticipate another year of Teen Leadership Training during which TLTs and mentors, along with coordinators and conference directors, can experience leadership training together.