Hamilton Pathfinders Hold Successful Food Drive

February 18, 2015 | Mark Harris

Hamilton Pathfinders have usually collected can goods for charity from their own town. This year they decided to do something different and go to the nearby town of Corvallis, Mont. Hamilton has the population of 4,508 people and Corvallis has 976 people, but Hamilton members hoped and prayed for a productive turnout. They were not disappointed.

The club distributed bags and a note on Oct. 26, 2014, that indicated the Pathfinders would be back the following day to pick up nonperishable items.

Hamilton Church community services organized and set everything up for families in need. Some products supported the local food bank. Four Eager Beavers, seven Adventurers, three Pathfinders and staff collected the items. The kids were excited when they returned from a stop with a bag of food bigger than them.

The club members had a good time collecting and sharing with their neighbors. People were excited to help out with food and even money. There was a note on a bag of food that said, “Thank you for looking out for our community!” The neighbors were happy to see a group of young people doing a service like this in their community. The Pathfinders were able to collect more than 600 items of nonperishable food in one hour.

The Pathfinders went a step further. On the Sunday before Thanksgiving, they got up early and went to the store to gather perishable items. After shopping, they proceeded to help make up boxes for 12 different families. The project created an experience the children will remember for a long time and made real for them Matt. 25:40: “Surely, what you have done to the least of these brothers of mine you have done to me."