Family of God Expands at Tacoma Central

January 09, 2015 | Heidi Baumgartner

When Valgene Tiller looked in the recycling bin, he found a mailer about Bible prophecy made simple. It looked interesting to him, so he picked it up and decided to attend the seminar series. Tiller had previously received similar mailers before but had never taken action.

“It was right on top and easy to pick up,” Tiller remembers.

This time, Tiller faithfully attended the prophecy seminar with evangelist Tyler Long at Tacoma Central Church.

“I felt lost on Tuesdays and Thursdays when we didn’t have meetings,” he says. “They were very good, and I learned a lot.”

While Tiller came because of a handbill, other people baptized the same day came because of established friendships.

Dennis McGarty attended his third round of Bible prophecy meetings. “This time, it affected me a whole lot more, and I realized that the Bible is the truth,” McGarty says. With the aid and support of his Adventist friends, he was five days free from “the old cigarettes” at the time of his baptism.

“This morning a friend of mine offered me a cigarette,” McGarty says, “and I refused it. I had tried for a number of years to stop smoking. I’m done now.”

In addition to these gentlemen, about a dozen new members joined Tacoma Central Church after learning more about Bible prophecy and finding hope for the future.

“Our prayer for our new members is that they will continue to grow in the faith,” says Scott Tyman, Tacoma Central senior pastor. “We encourage our family of God to have a devotional life, to come to church and [to] constantly grow in their relationship with God.”