Community Service Visit Leads to Three Baptisms

January 19, 2015 | Myrna Long

Desperately needing food for her family, Tanya Uvay came to the Caldwell Community Services for the first time in early December 2013. Uvay was thrilled to find free clothing, which she took home, laundered, ironed and wrapped as Christmas gifts for her children. She also received a three-day supply of much-needed food from the food pantry. 

Myrna Long, a Caldwell Church member and volunteer in the office, heard the Uvay family's story of losing their jobs in a microchip company, losing their home and other problems. Feeling impressed by the Holy Spirit to contact the family, Long visited their home three days later. They told her they had enough food for one more day, and they would then have to pawn the title to their only vehicle. Long urged them to wait and let her find food for them.

When she returned home, Long spoke with her son. They agreed to pool their resources and buy a two-week supply of food. She returned to the family's home two hours later with the trunk and the back seat of her car loaded with food and paper supplies. Uvay and her husband stood by the car and wept as they realized everything was for their family. Before Long left, they asked her to come back and tell them about the Adventist Church.

A few days later, Long returned to their home and was welcomed with open arms. Uvay mentioned during the visit that her family needed “to get back to church.” The Christmas service was the next Sabbath, and the family agreed to come. They were impressed with the church service and friendliness of the people. Uvay then asked Long if she would study the Bible with her, and they agreed to start in early January.

Uvay loved the weekly Bible studies that often lasted two hours or more. During this time, Uvay and Long became good friends. The Bible studies were frequently canceled or rescheduled due to family needs, but Uvay's interest and commitment never wavered.

Uvay's two sons, Gabe and Nino, began studying the Bible with Caldwell's youth pastor, Shelina Bonjour, and were baptized in the Caldwell Church on Aug. 23, 2014. Gabe worked in the local Gem State Adventist Academy (GSAA) gardens during the summer and is now a freshman at GSAA. Nino is in the sixth grade at the Caldwell Adventist Elementary School.

Uvay was baptized in the Caldwell Church pastor, Jim Berglund, on Nov. 15, 2014. Members rejoiced as she made her public commitment to the Lord. It was also a special day for the Caldwell Community Services volunteers who have kept this family in prayer. Those volunteers look forward to more baptisms in the future.