News for 2015

New Member Challenges Congregation to Share Faith

December 20, 2015 / John Gatchet

Two recent baptisms have brought additional joy to the Sequim Church in Sequim, Wash.

Joelle Nicholson professed her faith in Jesus and Adventist beliefs by being baptized in the cold waters of the Strait of Juan de Fuca on Thursday, Oct. 22.

Sixty church members stood by at Port Williams to provide warm hugs and encouraging words to Nicholson after her baptism by Mark Pekar, Sequim Church pastor. Nicholson chose the date of her baptism because it was her birthday and the location because she likes to pray there.


December 18, 2015 / Steve Vistaunet

When the Creator stepped over the edge of space into our little world, He initiated a rescue operation. In the clutches of fate, we needed a covenant of faith.

This divine Christmas overture is an example of covenants so critical to our world and our church. Sir Jonathan Sacks illustrated this at a conference several years ago.

Unto Us

December 18, 2015

This year marks the passing of a century since the death of Ellen G. White in 1915. As we draw this year to a close, we take note of her words describing the incarnation of our Savior.

New Northwest Leadership Roles

December 17, 2015

Dick Duerksen

Dick Duerksen is the new Oregon Conference assistant to the president for creative ministries. In this role he will focus on new ways of telling the stories of grace-driven Adventistism within the conference.

Beacon Week of Prayer Brings Bible to Life

December 16, 2015 / Jay Wintermeyer

Making the Bible relevant to kids today isn’t always easy. However, with some creativity, David Crockett, Lewiston (Idaho) Church pastor, spent a week with local Beacon Christian School, sharing about young people in the Bible and what they did as Christians.

Students gathered in the school gym every day for the week of prayer meetings. Crockett brought the Bible to life as he shared about Naaman’s little slave girl as well as Joseph, Josiah, Samuel and David.

Shungnak Hosts Family Evangelism

December 16, 2015 / Tobin Dodge

The Shungnak Adventist Mission hosted Tobin Dodge, Delta Junction and North Pole churches pastor, for a 10-day evangelistic series in September. With his wife, Virlyn, and their six children, Dodge brought a special focus on family issues and relationships and offered ways to break Satan's bonds.

Nature threw a curveball as a wave of caribou migrated over nearby Brooks Range. When the caribou migrate, the locals go hunting. Despite this interruption, several community members attended the meetings, along with up to 20 children each night.

God Provides for Stayton VBS

December 16, 2015 / Dustin Gordon

Stayton (Ore.) Church members gathered this year to start an expedition. The Everest-themed Vacation Bible School loomed over the group gathered one Sunday to get the church ready for a week that would be remembered by everyone who took part.

To say that this Sunday was the start of VBS would not be totally true; as with all great expeditions, this one started much earlier, with planning and gathering the needed equipment. By the end of the day, Base Camp, mountains and ice caves were made. Now the leaders just had to wait for the kids.

Montana Men’s Summit Inspires

December 16, 2015 / Leo Beardsley

The 2015 Montana Men’s Summit was convened on the last weekend in September, as always, at Mount Ellis Academy just east of Bozeman. The message presented by Minner Labrador from the Southwestern Union was timely and inspiring.

Labrador presented the biblical view of a God who is not only a gentle, loving shepherd but a warrior with fire in His eyes, according to Revelation. He is a God who is passionate about justice and defending His children.