Montana Holds Annual Men's Summit

December 17, 2014 | Leo Beardsley

The 2014 Men’s Summit took place the weekend of Sept. 26–28 at Mount Ellis Academy in Bozeman. Even though a light rain fell most of the day on Sabbath, it did not dampen the spirits of those who attended. Several attendees were delayed on the drive up Bear Canyon to the ski lodge Sabbath morning by a flock of wild turkeys that decided to take up residency in the road for a time.

Charles Burkeen, Oregon Conference member ministries director and author of A Place for Us Guys, inspired the men with new insights into why “Men Do Crazy Things.” Men are made in the image of a God who is the ultimate risk-taker, shepherd, builder and mentor. He challenged the men to honor the God who created them by embracing who they are as God’s sons, enjoying an adventurous life while maintaining a shepherd’s heart and understanding they have an obligation to mentor others.

Dan Clark was back this year and enhanced the programs with his original musical compositions. Clark, Eric Beavon and Leo Beardsley led the music assisted by Merlin Knowles, Montana Conference president, on his saw. Clark also taught the group to sing the theme song, “Have You Heard About Grace?" Josh Holloway led the Montana Men’s Chorus in a special number on Sabbath evening.

Attendees also enjoyed food prepared by the Mount Ellis cafeteria staff.

Those who attended were extremely blessed. Hopefully those who did not attend will put September 2015 on their calendars and plan on attending next year.