Milo’s Third Annual Sports Camp Draws More Than 100

December 11, 2014 | Kathy Hernandez

Eighty-four middle school students and 18 chaperones participated in Sports Camp at Milo Adventist Academy over Sept. 28–30, making the event the best-attended sports camp to date.

Milo’s sports camp began three years ago as a way to reach out to the small, Adventist schools in the area and give them opportunities they may not have the chance to enjoy otherwise. Teacher Holly Dysart of West Valley Christian School in Willamina appreciated the experience. “Sports camp was awesome," she says. "The kids loved being able to play different sports with an actual P.E. teacher and with other kids their age. My students come from a school with seven students, so it was fun for them to be part of a bigger student body for a few days.”

Coach Burney Culpepper and his team of 28 academy volunteers taught their young guests to play volleyball, soccer, lacrosse, football, baseball and basketball while showing them how much fun exercise can be. 

On Monday during a break between the sports rotations, everyone lined up to experience the famous Milo slip and slide. Facility manager Jeff Miller and his team set up the water slide on the hill at the campus entrance and built a splash pool at the bottom. In case the water was too chilly, they created two “hillbilly hot tubs” in the back of pickup trucks where the kids could warm up before running up the hill to slide again.

Home-schooling families are welcome to join in the fun too. Just drop a note to to receive future information.