Lasher Commissioned to Ministry

December 17, 2014 | Heidi Baumgartner

Gayle Lasher’s gifts in pastoral ministry were recognized during a commissioning service in early October.

Bruce Koch, Washington Conference stewardship director, remembers hiring Lasher in 2005 to serve as a Bible worker/trainer after evangelism funds substantially increased at Washington Adventist Camp Meeting.

“She’s a Martha; she’s hospitable. She’s also a Mary, one who sits at the feet of Jesus,” says Koch. “Gayle absorbs everything she learns about Jesus, lets it become part of her person and shares her experience with Jesus.”

Lasher, along with her husband, Rod, came into a relationship with Jesus through the death of her stepfather and other crises in their lives. They started Bible studies in Wenatchee with Dan Serns and were baptized together on their seventh anniversary in April 2000.

The couple immediately began offering Bible studies in their home. Six months later, Lasher started teaching the pastor’s Sabbath School class. Two years later, she was lay pastoring a district church and conducting the first of many evangelistic series in Washington and the Philippines. In her ministry, she has witnessed a few hundred people come to Jesus.

Lasher pursued an education with a degree in theology and religion and a second degree in personal ministries from Atlantic Union College in Lancaster, Mass. She is in a master’s study program through Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Mich.

Lasher pastors New Life Adventist Ministry, a growing church plant in Fife that she started in 2011.

“I thank the Lord that He considers me trustworthy for ministry,” Lasher says, echoing 1 Tim. 1:12–17. “I am grateful for how God has filled me with faith and showed me His mercy.”