Gaston, Laurelwood Churches Hold Life-Changing Meetings

December 22, 2014 | Linda Seeber

Starting on Sept. 26, 2014, about 75 people packed into the upper room at the Pythias Center in Gaston, Ore., as Amazing Facts speaker Carlo Muñoz stood up and said, “I’m so excited! Tonight I’m going to be sharing my favorite topic.” But as night after night he began the same way, it became clear that Muñoz was personally thrilled with every topic he preached about. His talks revolved around "Unveiling Revelation," yet Jesus was his theme. After a week the group moved to the Gaston Church and continued drawing 15 to 20 visitors plus church members for the next two weeks of the seminar.

Those who had heard the amazing prophecies of Daniel and Revelation said they found Muñoz’s thorough and enthusiastic presentation the best they had ever heard and grasped these truths more fully. Another added that it strengthened and expanded his knowledge "with cohesive arguments incorporated from many books of the Bible making a concrete foundation" that would always stay with him.

The ones hearing these truths for the first time described the experience as awesome, fabulous, powerful and a blessing. More than one proclaimed it changed their lives. They loved Muñoz’s enthusiasm, saying it was contagious. One said, “I never heard truth like this before. It touched me in a way no other church has.”

Another said, “Every day I got something out of it, and it brought me to the Lord much quicker. Carlos just let the Bible explain the Bible.” Someone said she learned more than she had ever learned in all her life.

Lisa Alvarado, who lives in Cornelius, Ore., miraculously received a brochure for the meetings, even though her town was not included in the bulk mailings. Local church members do not know how she got the flyer, but they do know that God wanted her there. Alvarado made the commitment to marry Christ and be baptized along with five others: Vicki Doyle, Gary Kreutzer, Zakari Newton-Douglas, Shekina Nougaisse and Louella Sterling. Others are still studying and seeking to follow God all the way. The full results will be seen in the kingdom for how God spoke to hearts bringing conviction and revival.