Cleaning Up Roadside Helps Kitsap School Get Sign

December 19, 2014 | Ethan Fowler

Kitsap Adventist Christian School in Bremerton, Wash., received the first of its two roadside signs recently after it successfully completed two Kitsap County Adopt-a-Road trash collections.

The first sign was placed at 2022 Chico Way, with the second planned for 3153 Northlake Way.

The school’s Adopt-a-Road group of about 10 adult volunteers collected 25 trash bags during the first cleanup in February 2014, eight bags in June and 14 in October.

“What I liked best was when grateful neighbors came out and thanked us for cleaning up their road,” says Becky Rae, Kitsap Adventist Christian School principal.

Although the group is required to do a minimum of two cleanups a year, Ethan Fowler, the group’s coordinator, decided to do three to keep the two assigned roads nicer and the cleanups more manageable.

The school signed up for the Kitsap County Adopt-a-Road program last fall as a way to get around the county not allowing them to get a road sign on Northlake Way since the post was already at capacity with four signs.

“I would recommend other Adventist schools and churches participate in their community’s Adopt-a-Road program,” says Paula Dietrich, school board chairwoman. “Kitsap County made it easy by providing all the equipment, and the volunteer turnout from the Bremerton and Port Orchard churches was great. Participating in the program has helped Kitsap Adventist Christian School increase its visibility and connection with the community it serves.”