Here Are Your 2015 General Conference Delegates

December 04, 2014 | GC Session

Based on the constitutional requirements of the Adventist world church, 21 delegates have been elected by the North Pacific Union Conference (NPUC) executive committee to represent Northwest members at the upcoming General Conference session to be held July 2–11, 2015.

The North American Division (NAD) delegate selection formula carefully defines the requirements for the NPUC. It's a challenging formula to fulfill, including representation of differing multicultural backgrounds and gender. In addition to the three NPUC officers and six local conference presidents, the NAD formula asks for six non-administrative church employees and six lay members to fill the remaining slots. Of those delegates who are not officers or administrators, requirements also state that five must be women, three Hispanic and one of African descent.

Most of the lay members (non-conference or non-church employees) are recommended and chosen as delegates because they have already showed an interest and experience in church "governance." They have spent time on a local conference or union executive committee, so have an understanding of how the church operates in a business session. These delegates have been tasked with prayerful representation of the entire NPUC membership at the session.

Members who have views or concerns to express relating to the session should do so with the email contact provided by each delegate's name. Here are your NPUC delegates.

Conference Presidents:

  • Ken Crawford (Alaska) [email]
  • David Prest (Idaho) [email]
  • Merlin Knowles (Montana) [email]
  • Al Reimche (Oregon) [email]
  • Paul Hoover (Upper Columbia) [email]
  • John Freedman (Washington) [email]

NPUC Officers:

  • Max Torkelsen (President) [email]
  • John Loor Jr. (Secretary) [email]
  • Mark Remboldt (Treasurer) [email]

Lay Members:

  • Maria Lopez (Oregon) [email]
  • Ron Oliver (Oregon) [email]
  • Julie Sanders Keymer (Upper Columbia) [email]
  • Jerilyn Burtch (Alaska) [email]
  • Shaya Kyle (Montana) [email]
  • Pedro Pozos (Oregon) [email]

Non-Administrative Employees:

  • Gene Heinrich (Oregon) [email]
  • Gary Fogelquist (Washington) [email]
  • Kevin Rhamie (Oregon) [email]
  • Gerizin de Pena (Upper Columbia) [email]
  • Gayle Lasher (Washington) [email]
  • Mark Waterhouse (Idaho) [email]

Questions about delegate selection or the role of NPUC delegates at the upcoming GC Session may be directed to John Loor Jr. at the NPUC office.