Wenatchee Member Turns 100

Earl Bolton, Wenatchee Church member, celebrated his 100th birthday on Oct. 3. The church held a birthday celebration for him on Sabbath, Sept. 27, 2014.

Members of the church appreciate Bolton for his Christian influence on his family, his community and the world. He served many years as an elder of the church. His former pastor, Dan Serns, says, "I'm glad he is still going strong, letting his light shine for Jesus. Someday soon, when Jesus returns, he will live forever."

Robert Earl Bolton was born Oct. 3, 2014 — the same year World War I began, the year the Panama Canal opened to traffic and the year Double Mint chewing gum was introduced.

Bolton has led a busy life. And being nearly 100 has not slowed him down much. He mows his lawn, plays the piano, looks after his house, and cooks and cans fruit and vegetables, according to Wilfred Woods in the Sept.19, 2014, edition of The Wenatchee World.

He still drives his own car, and his driver's license is good until he turns 101. He says he plans to renew it. 

His current pastor, Joe Savino, says, "I've been honored to have worked side by side with Dr. Bolton for many years, and one thing is certain: This is a man who has completely saturated himself with the grace of Christ. In each word, in each response, Jesus shines through him, and we know we are loved. His life of kind service and love is a wonderful picture of what true personal evangelism is."

October 20, 2014 / Upper Columbia Conference