Partnering to Achieve Whole-Person Care

October 28, 2014 | Scott Reiner

Even in these challenging times, opportunities are abundant. Adventist Health is determined to fulfill our mission of sharing God’s love by providing physical, mental and spiritual healing. We are working to transform the health care experience for patients and our diverse communities through partnerships that include our local churches, conferences and unions.

Health care reform, industry changes and market trends present enormous opportunities for Adventist Health to reinvent ourselves for the benefit of our employees, patients, physicians and those we serve. We are reshaping Adventist Health into one of the most significant health care systems on the West Coast.

Pivotal to this reshaping is a comprehensive strategy designed to keep our organization competitive while growing and thriving in the future. Our initiatives have been carefully designed to ensure our organization achieves our goals while remaining strong and able to carry out its mission.

We are proud of Adventist Health’s rich heritage of preventive care and wellness education while equally optimistic for the future. We are building upon the successes of the past while enabling Adventist Health to be even more successful in the future.