Billings Members Take GLOW on Wheels

October 20, 2014 | Neta Bare

Each Fourth of July, thousands of visitors gather with local residents to watch the Independence Day Parade in Laurel, Mont. For several years a group of unicycle riders from the Billings Church have joined the celebration by riding in the parade. This year they hoped to give GLOW (Giving Light to Our World) tracts to people lining the streets. Kayla was able to give a GLOW to a bystander before the parade started; however, soon she, Kindra, Hana, Kaleb, and John Bryson, Billings Church pastor, realized it was difficult to distribute GLOWs while maintaining their balance on unicycles and keeping up with the parade. 

Thankfully a stand-and-ride Segway scooter had been loaned to be ridden in the parade, so Joan Bryson, while riding the Segway, was able to give out 100 “A Gift for You” GLOW tracts. Afterward, she shared that she ran out of GLOW tracts and could have easily shared many more.

These church members pray many people will read the wonderful message of God’s love and receive the gift of a new heart and changed life that He offers to all who will receive it.