Two Churches Come Together for Baptisms

Volunteer Park Church of Seattle and Bonney Lake Church celebrated two new baptisms at Sunset Lake Camp in Wilkeson on June 7.

Friends, family and deaf visitors from Bellingham and Portland, Ore., gathered along the shores of Sunset Lake Camp to witness this special occasion as Ariana Jarnes and Rosemary Salazar dedicated their lives to Jesus.

Jarnes, 10, had been studying for baptism several months prior to her baptism and was excited to be baptized by Vince Saunders, Bonney Lake Church pastor. She was joined by Salazar from the Volunteer Park Church.

Salazar is deaf and had been studying with Paul Vivier, Volunteer Park Church pastor, through Nohelani Jarnes, sign language interpreter. Following her baptism, Salazar expressed her joy through tears and signs as she announced to all, "I am so happy because I know Jesus has washed away my sins."

September 04, 2014 / Washington Conference