Cascade Congregation Grows Through Evangelism

The members of the Cascade Church in Bend teamed up to host a Revelation Now seminar with evangelist Jac Colón and his wife, ’dena. This evangelistic series concluded with 15 baptisms and two professions of faith.

Eight more people are still in the decision-making process and are faithfully worshipping each Sabbath as well as attending a Daniel lecture series led by Jonathan Pawson, Cascade Church pastor, on Wednesday evenings.

One of the comments made by a guest still in the decision process was that he was now convicted of the Sabbath truth and making the commitment to attend regularly. He said he and his wife felt so comfortable and welcomed by the members. 

Each night during the series, Colón brought guests through the book of Revelation in such an engaging style, and ’dena shared nightly music and a Family Moments lecture. Attendance remained strong throughout the series. 

Many members were involved in this evangelistic event, including the prayer teams during the Desert Rain event, which was a pre-evangelistic preparation, as well as the visitation teams who visited the attending guests in their homes throughout the series. The church advertised the event with traditional flyers sent out to the community along with a strong emphasis on each member praying for people in their lives whom they could invite.

Pawson felt blessed to be a part of this exciting event and witness the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the efforts of his congregation during this series. “It was awesome to witness the church mobilize by reaching out to the community and seeing their faces as their guests were making decisions for Jesus," he says.

September 22, 2014 / Oregon Conference