Camper Finds New Hope at Sunset Lake

September 22, 2014 | Heidi Baumgartner

Jordain Webber sat on the grass along Sunset Lake in Wilkeson on a fading Sabbath afternoon on Aug. 16. Around her, children and adults picnicked and chatted while enjoying the end-of-the summer hours.

A boy ran up and tapped her on the shoulder: "Hi, I'm Jaden. Are you going to be baptized today? Can we be friends?"

"Yeah," said the shy 10-year-old.

The adults around this young girl tried to draw her out in conversation. She had attended junior camp earlier in the summer thanks to scholarship funds. Her favorite part of camp: the prayer room.

"I learned how to pray for people," explains Webber, after a moment of thought.

While the Sunset Lake Camp staff and friends of the camp sang along with a guitar, Webber and her guardian, Katherine Dumovic, walked to the front of the gathering.

Dumovic explained how she first met a 3-year-old Webber, who loved to cuddle during church. This little girl is choosing to not be defined by sadness in life as she looks forward to a hope-filled future in Jesus and in fellowship with her church family in Maple Valley.

Webber's baptism is an illustration of the life-changing experience young people experience at Sunset Lake Camp. In all, more than 200 campers made a decision this summer to follow Jesus and prepare for baptism.