Romanian Church Embarks on Great 'Wilderness Escape'

This summer the Romanian Church in Portland welcomed children from throughout the community for Vacation Bible School, which took place June 15–19. Over the course of five days, kids were able to retrace the Israelites' steps in their “Wilderness Escape” from Egypt to the Promised Land.

As they relived the exciting journey they took a peek back in time, experiencing liberation from Egypt, eating manna from heaven and seeing Moses as he came down from Sinai with the Ten Commandments. Children and parents were invited to learn more about the tabernacle that resided in the Israelite camp, and every day they were given the opportunity to discover more about God. Over the course of the week they learned that God is with us, He gives us what we need, He gives us strength, He saves us, and He guides us ... so trust God.

Seven "shops" offered 90 children various activities, games and crafts, including sandal-making, weaving and sand art. Kids interacted with the shopkeepers and learned a little bit more about what it would have been like to be living in the wilderness.

After a busy evening of visiting the shops, finishing up crafts, and filling up on tasty bread and other snacks from the bakery, celebration time rolled around. The "tribes" gathered together ready to sing the songs they learned throughout the week. They sang about trusting in God’s guidance and His saving power, about Pharaoh, and even about the camels. Every day was closed with children, parents and volunteers gathering, arms around each other, to sing “shalom, until we meet again.”

The week flew by, and all too soon it came time to say “shalom” one last time at the closing celebration on Sabbath, June 21. Following the program, children, parents and church members eagerly expressed their anticipation of next year’s VBS and promised that they wouldn’t miss it for anything. The wonderful time spent together with God's children was truly a memorable “Wilderness Escape.”

August 28, 2014 / Oregon Conference