Grays Harbor Students Expand Worldview

Students at Grays Harbor Adventist Christian School in Montesano applied nearly all their senses when learning about Uganda.

Through a presentation by Jean Cader, co-founder of Paradigm Missions, students experienced a “taste” of life in Uganda and the challenges faced by the Karamojong people.

Cader asked students ages 6–14 questions such as: Does the world produce enough food to feed everyone? What are the causes of hunger? What can be done about it?

The students engaged in an insightful discussion as they learned more about food shortage and entomophagy (the human consumption of insects as food).

Gathering in the school kitchen, students smelled the delightful aroma of sautéed onions. They weren’t so hungry once crickets were introduced to the dish. As the onions and crickets simmered, Cader explained the practice of eating insects and shared how this is a common and acceptable way of life for people living in developing countries.

Students were in disbelief to learn one burger patty made with onions and insects would feed a family of five. The cooking lesson continued as students dipped a grasshopper into melted chocolate for dessert. As for sampling the food? The students declined.

Grays Harbor students applied their mission-focused lesson by sewing a "love heart" to sell for $5 each. The students were able to raise $80 for the brand-new Paradigm Missions food bank, and they plan to continue supporting this project.

August 28, 2014 / Washington Conference