Enumclaw Gives Bibles to Panama

Brett Lains loves his Bible so much that, after a serious accident 12 years ago, the first thing he asked for in the hospital was his Bible. He also wants to learn Hebrew and Greek, “the languages of the Bible,” in addition to a list of world languages.

It was natural, then, for Lains to notice a special need during a Panama mission trip earlier this year. “We were giving them chairs, but they didn’t have Bibles to read,” Lains remembers. “I felt like God impressed me [to do something].”

He challenged his fellow volunteers from Enumclaw Church to raise funds to buy Bibles. When the local bookstore heard about the reason for the Bible purchase, they contributed a box of hymnals.

While this is Lains’ first time to participate in a mission trip, this is Enumclaw Church’s fifth mission trip. The church plans a mission trip every 18 months. Enumclaw partnered with Maranatha Volunteers International to build a church for a shantytown in Panama.

“It is awesome serving with people you know,” says Lains.

The mission volunteers integrated into the community where they forged new friendships, discovered friendly smiles, offered an invitation to the newly built church and found great appreciation for their service to the community.

After Lains’ first mission trip, he says, “I felt enriched and blessed. A mission trip empowers the urge to bring people to Christ.”

August 21, 2014 / Washington Conference