Baptism Stalls on Runway

Even baptisms can be a little different in Alaska's outback. The junior campers at Camp Tukuskoya, the Adventist youth camp in Big Lake, Alaska, had the special privilege of witnessing three campers get baptized in the lake on the Sabbath afternoon of camp.

The three young ladies, Alex Cline, Cheyanne Cline and Jordan Rolston, responded to an invitation to join a baptismal Bible study with their pastor, Aaron Payne. After studying together for a couple of months they made the decision to get baptized at summer camp, affectionately known as "Camp Tuk.” After a time of singing and prayer, with the entire camp crowded around, the girls and the pastor waded into the cold Alaskan lake. After each of the first two baptisms, everyone joined heaven in celebration. 

But Jordan Rolston’s baptism proved to be a little different. Just as Payne raised his hand to heaven and began to say, “In the name of the Father, and the Son …” a nearby airplane decided it was time to take off from the water. After initially trying to talk over the loud noise of the engine, Payne paused the baptism and everyone watched as the plane took off. When the floatplane finally lifted off and everyone enjoyed a good laugh, the baptism resumed. Rolston publically proclaimed her commitment to Christ.

Rolston’s father, Mike Rolston, who is a pilot with his own airplane, said, “Now that was a true Alaskan baptism!” That’s what can happen when you hold a baptism on a runway.  

August 05, 2014 / Alaska Conference