Russian-Speaking Congregation Finds New Home

When the Russian-Ukrainian Parousia Church was organized in 2006, the congregation began dreaming about having its own church facility in the Auburn region.

Members of this congregation came from the former Soviet Union countries of Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Estonia. Most of them came into the United States as refugees, since most of them went through a difficult time of religious persecution because of an atheistic regime. Some won green cards.

“We felt it was our mission to serve the Russian-speaking community of more than 120,000 in the greater Seattle area,” says Victor Krushenitskyi, pastor. “Since then our church grew up to 150 members.”

The multitalented church supports two choirs, a brass band, three vocal groups and a children’s choir. The church is also a young congregation with 60 children ages birth to 15.

“We realized that it is very difficult for us to grow, nurture and have all the necessary trainings and activities without having our own church building,” says Krushenitskyi.

The congregation purchased a 1.3-acre lot in 2011 near the border between Auburn and Federal Way.

“We named it the Faith Project,” says Krushenitskyi. “We moved by faith and saw God’s care. Our members generously donated their money (in spite of their low income), and we also did some fundraising with yard sales, benefit music concerts and selling national cuisine.”

The church partnered with Adventist architects Don and Alice Kirkman in the last three years to develop building plans and arrange for building permits.

The congregation held their groundbreaking ceremony on June 8 with special guests including John Freedman and Doug Bing from Washington Conference, Federal Way city hall council member Martin A. Moore, neighbors and church friends. The grand occasion praised God for His blessings and leadership and the dedication of members.

“From what we know by communicating with our Russian-speaking members across the country, it will be the first-ever Adventist Russian-built church in USA history,” says Krushenitskyi. “By God’s grace we are planning to finish the building from outside (dried in) by the end of this year and then will continue to do the inside work as funds will be available. We appreciate your prayer and support as we continue our Faith Project.”

July 24, 2014 / Washington Conference