Medford Church Women’s Ministry Holds Annual Tea

Every year the women, teens and girls of the Medford Church and their friends gather for uplifting fellowship, beautiful music and scrumptious food. Accordingly, Medford Church women’s ministry held its annual ladies' tea on May 4. The theme this year was "Musical Hearts." Thirty of the approximately 135 attendees were non-Adventist. Three brave men even dressed up all the way to red bow ties to escort guests to their table and handle the sound system.

Seventeen tables, each hosted by one or two women, were uniquely and beautifully decorated. Whether topped with fine china, candles and flowers or paper plates and plasticware, each table added to the special environment.

The women in attendance received a copy of Ginny Allen’s book, God’s Love Song, as a reminder of the lovely event and to grace their life with another woman’s story of God’s working in her life. Women and girls went away blessed and looking forward to next year’s tea.​

July 13, 2014 / Oregon Conference