Rivers Edge Celebrates Five Years

Rivers Edge Adventist Company in McMinnville celebrated its fifth anniversary in May. There are abundant reasons for this church family to joyfully celebrate as they see the power of the Holy Spirit working mightily in the lives of members, new members and unchurched visitors. As they watch God at work in their lives and in the lives of those around them, they are thrilled at where He is leading. 

With the prayers and blessings of the Oregon Conference and the McMinnville Church, the company began as a small group of 20 church planters in May 2009. The group's fifth anniversary was celebrated by 75 members and a growing group of visitors. By God’s grace, their mission has been to establish another bright light of truth in a growing community that is largely unchurched. Their worship services are simple and extremely friendly. 

Members recently finished an evangelistic outreach seminar with Brian and Heidi McMahon and were blessed to see many hearts stirred night after night by the clear presentation of prophetic truth and God’s love. To see Christ clearly, high and lifted up, has reached deep into the hearts of those who attended. So far this year, God has blessed Rivers Edge with 22 baptisms, and 16 more attend services regularly and are very close to making decisions for Christ. 

Church planting requires its members to be resourceful. Rivers Edge meets for worship at the McMinnville Adventist Christian School and needed a baptistery to conduct all of these baptisms. They solved this problem by buying a 1,100-gallon water storage tank, cutting out the top, and adding steps and a wraparound curtain, and within a few hours God’s church was in business.

This company's members have been so blessed to visit in the homes of new believers and to hear their joyful stories of how God has led. The heartwarming testimonies from these new believers have brought a renewed sense of commitment to the church family as ambassadors for God and His church. 

In addition to the ones who have been baptized, the company has several young families who have made Rivers Edge their home and are integrating into its small groups and preparing for baptism. Along with many outreach efforts, the primary focus has been to develop real and meaningful relationships with these new believers and visitors so that they stay and continue to grow in grace.

Planting a new church has been an amazing adventure and has required much sacrifice, much prayer and many trials. However, the rewards have been many, and the unified church family realizes that the work of church planting is never really finished. They look forward to where God will continue to lead them during the next five years. If you’re ever nearby, they invite you to join them and share your story.

June 20, 2014 / Oregon Conference