Northwest Christian School Forms International Partnership

June 30, 2014 | Craig Mattson

Northwest Christian School (NCS) in Puyallup formed an international partnership in March with South Korea's Wonju Sahmyook Adventist School.

As part of a larger delegation, Craig Mattson, NCS principal, and Chrystal Clemens, NCS office manager, joined a delegation of Adventist school representatives from western Washington during spring break to do business in South Korea. After spending a few days in Seoul meeting with parents, students and educational agents, the delegation traveled to Wonju, about two hours east of Seoul.

After formal introductions, a short meeting in the principal’s office, gift exchanges and a state of the school presentation by English-speaking Korean students, the delegation was led into a large chapel for the official signing ceremony.

The entire middle school with 400 students attended the ceremony. The Wonju principal announced how the school plans to begin annual trips to the United States using NCS as a base of operations to study English and American culture. In addition, Wonju School will elect an ambassador student to attend a full school year at NCS.

This sister-school partnership will allow students to make new friends, learn about both cultures and learn spiritual lessons. Upper-grade students from Northwest Christian School may also have a reciprocal opportunity to visit Korea and experience international travel.