Mountain View Students Experience Hands-on Science

June 05, 2014 | John Gatchet

It was a “hands-on” spring week of spiritual emphasis at Mountain View Christian School in Sequim as Maureen O'Kane, Sequim Church member, used science experiments and demonstrations to show God’s character.

The daily topics for Science Is God’s Book were air, light, water and plants. There was no lack of focused attention as the students watched, participated and learned lasting lessons.

“It was neat to see God presented in many ways," says Doug Allison, Mountain View Christian School principal. "It opened new thoughts and ideas in the students’ minds.”

Each day a slide presentation was followed by a hands-on activity, one for the lower grades and a second for the upper grades. During each presentation, O'Kane asked, “What does this tell us about God?”

For one plant demonstration, two potatoes were connected by zinc and copper wires to power a digital clock. This clearly showed energy is present in the plants God created. Gabe, a sixth-grade student, says, “The water tornado project showed the force and power of water; this is symbolic of God’s power."

“My students talked about it for weeks,” says Nancy Ley, first- through fourth-grade teacher.

Eighth-grade student Josh summed up the week by saying, “When I look at everyday objects, I now see them in a different perspective.”