Lewistown Celebrates Baptism

June 12, 2014 | Andrew Raduly

The Lewistown Church had a beautiful baptismal service on Jan. 4 as Hank Slining of Lewistown was welcomed into their congregation. A couple of years ago, Slining attended evangelistic meetings organized and preached by Zeke Kleinsasser. After the evangelistic meetings concluded, Slining decided to continue to attend the worship services of the local church. He also started to share his newfound knowledge with his family. Because of his dedicated witnessing about Jesus, his brother decided to accept Jesus last year and was baptized as well. 

Slining is an integral part of the Lewistown Church, helping to set up the radio station. He is a passionate race car driver and knows more about cars than several other people combined. The Lewistown members are glad to see him dedicate his live to Jesus.