Kirkland Fifth-Graders Collect Stories

Kirkland Adventist School's fifth-grade class started building friendships at an assisted living facility seven years ago.

Each year, among other activities, the students interview residents and write a short biography from their interview. Students also write a short autobiography and include their picture so residents can remember them.

“I like going to the Evergreen Assisted Living because all the people there have different stories to tell, and they will listen to what we have to tell,” says Celeste, a fifth-grade student. “I also like going there because the people are nice and we get to show them our creations we made in class.”

The students' written interviews are combined and made into a booklet, which each student and participating resident receives as a keepsake.

“I loved the Evergreen because I felt that the residents enjoyed our company,” says Bauer, another fifth-grade student.

And the residents’ reactions? “Just being around the fifth-graders and interacting with them was a joy,” said one resident.

June 12, 2014 / Washington Conference