Easter Comes to Life at McMinnville Church

What is known as the Easter season saw many special presentations at the McMinnville Church, along with a month’s worth of sermons by Jerry Joubert, pastor, focusing on the passion week.

On the first Sabbath of April, Rick and Brian McMillen brought a lamb for children’s story. Besides the obvious “cute factor,” Benny the lamb made the reality of the Old Testament sacrificial service, as well as the Lamb of God, come alive for the whole congregation.

On the Sabbath before Easter, April 19, the Last Supper was acted out on the platform while the pastor spoke. Then the “disciples” served the unleavened bread and new wine to the congregation.

The following Sabbath, April 26, focused on the empty tomb, vividly portrayed at the front of the church. “Resurrection Hope” was the perfect ending to a special month for the members of this Oregon congregation.

June 02, 2014 / Oregon Conference