Kelso-Longview Hosts Journey to Hope

Journey to Hope, an evangelistic series with Becki Rogers, started with 137 adults crowding into the fellowship hall of the Kelso-Longview Church on Friday evening, Feb. 28. As people kept streaming in, church members had to keep adding more tables and chairs. The series was three weekends long with two lectures on Friday nights and Saturday nights as well as the sermon for church. On Saturday nights, the church provided a vegetarian meal, which allowed members to mingle and get acquainted with their guests.

Rogers' mother was known as the “Witch on 28th Street.” One night when Rogers was a child, her mother was fully possessed by a demon and came crawling into her room to strangle her. God spared Rogers' life as she clutched her Bible and haltingly cried out to God. She concluded that if the devil is real, God must be real also. She also learned the power of God’s Word. This was only one of many stories of God’s love that Rogers shared in the context of biblical truth.

After the first weekend, organizers received an email from a man who was out of town but whose wife had attended. He requested a CD or DVD of the message and then said, “Cheryl was so inspired by what she heard that I was hoping I could hear what I'm missing before next weekend.” Once he got home he was able to attend the meetings.

Rogers became an Adventist when she was 20 years old and is the only Adventist in her childhood family. Her sister and niece attended all the meetings. They confirmed some of the events; other stories they had never heard since Rogers did not preach or push religion on her family.

Eighteen people indicated an interest in baptism. Church members have started a baptismal class on Sabbath mornings and will be doing a midweek Bible study as well. Please pray that God will do a mighty work, even yet, through these meetings.

May 01, 2014 / Oregon Conference