Valentine Luncheon Unites School Community

Lewis County Adventist School (LCAS), in Chehalis, Wash., has maintained a wonderful tradition for the past six years. Doylene Cook, sixth- through eighth-grade teacher, started a Valentine’s Day Luncheon that has become a schoolwide phenomenon.

When Cook started the luncheon, it began as just a proper etiquette class for her students. The students of her class would invite one person of their choice to come and join in on the event. It was a great experience for everyone who participated and attended. Many laughs and smiles were shared over a fantastic meal.

As this celebration became a tradition, the other classes of the school began to join in on the fun. Dan Baker, ninth- and 10th-grade teacher, asked his class to act as servers and present warm smiles as the guests arrived. Many of the students invited parents and grandparents to come dine with them on those annual afternoons.

Now this luncheon has become a spectacular and educational tradition for everyone. All the faculty, students and volunteers work hard to provide delicious food and fun entertainment. In turn, they and their guests enjoy the event each year even as they look forward to more people attending next year.

April 03, 2014 / Washington Conference