Bible Experience Comes to Spokane

Nine Pathfinder teams from around the Northwest gathered at the Upper Columbia Conference office in Spokane, Wash., on March 8 for the North Pacific Union Pathfinder Bible Experience (PBE) event.

Teams of four to six young people were asked 90 questions from the book of 2 Samuel. Questions ranged from troop numbers to specific names of people and locations to specific wording for verses. These were not basic Bible trivia questions, but illustrated just how well the Pathfinders had studied Scripture.

To prepare, many Pathfinders study the featured Bible book on their own free time, for up to 13 months. Most memorize between four and six chapters. They get together with their coach once or twice during the week to quiz each other. In addition, the young people raise money to travel to the union or North American PBE events.

“These Pathfinders inspire me,” says Wayne Hicks, Upper Columbia Conference Pathfinder director, “and God blesses them by hiding His Word in their hearts.”

This year’s book was a particularly difficult book to memorize but the Pathfinders rose to the challenge. One young participant said, “My favorite part about studying 2 Samuel was how God forgave David, even when he messed up so many times.”

Seven of the nine teams that participated in the North Pacific Union event became eligible for the division event held in Maryland on April 12.

“I was so incredibly impressed by each Pathfinder," says Paul Hoover, Upper Columbia Conference president. “They’ve worked so hard studying a challenging book of the Bible, and everyone did so well.”

The results from the regional North Pacific Union PBE event included:

Idaho Conference

3 – Baker Valley Mountaineers

Oregon Conference

1 – Fort Vancouver

1 – Castle Rock

1 – Pleasant Valley Panthers

Upper Columbia Conference

2 – Pend Oreille Valley Wildcats

1 – Ponderosa Pathfinders

1 – Walla Walla City Church Sunrise

1 – Wind Valley Arrows

Washington Conference

1 – Cascade Eagles

April 17, 2014 / Upper Columbia Conference