Pathfinders Continue Pinewood Derby Tradition

If you were in the vicinity of Mountain View Adventist School (MVAS) in Missoula on Jan. 26 and you did not stop by, you missed out on some incredible Pinewood Derby racing. Attendees had a great time as the Montana Pathfinders sponsored the 18th annual Pinewood Derby.

Janice Hansen and her husband, Greg, have been heading up this event for the past 18 years. With their crew of volunteers they made sure the day was special and exciting for participants as well as the spectators. With more than 80 cars registered it was a race-filled day. Each car raced 12 times.

There were some inspiring, unique and innovative designs that amazed everyone. The judges had a hard time choosing the Best in Class for design. From yellow locomotives to cars with fish tanks on them, the designers' efforts were obvious.

The excitement the racers had as they watched their cars speed down the track was contagious, and the audience cheered and encouraged each racer. It was a remarkable day, and now each of these young designers is planning what to do for next year’s race.

March 06, 2014 / Montana Conference