Prineville's Sunshine Band Gets Big Boost

Grace Hedlund, a longtime member of the Graham (Wash.) Church, gave her time and hard work to enhance the ministry of the Prineville Church’s Sunshine Band led by her daughter, Lennie Warren. Hedlund, 88, who now lives in Newport, Wash., crocheted and donated 25 Afghan blankets that were given to the residents of Ochoco Care Center as Christmas presents after the December program.

Warren organized the Sunshine Band and started a Sabbath afternoon program at Ochoco Care Center in January 2013. The group of church members sings hymns, shares Scripture and prays for the residents of the Prineville nursing home once a month. “The songs, the Bible readings, the prayers and the friendship we share bring joy to everyone," Warren says. "Many people are lonely, and bringing sunshine into their lives lifts them up and gives them hope. The reward is immeasurable in terms of joy and contentment that we get ourselves. It is an opportunity God gives us."

The Sunshine Band ministry is one of the many ministries pursued by the Prineville Church in an effort to show friendliness to the community and to let people know of this caring and giving church, responding to the needs around it.

February 18, 2014 / Oregon Conference