Choteau Makes Halloween 'GLOW'

The idea started when a Choteau Church member was perusing the GLOW (Giving Light to Our World) Facebook page. Someone had posted an idea that he and his friends were going to dress up like glow sticks and pass out GLOW tracts on Halloween. "What a great idea!" the member thought, and an interested Choteau Church group started brainstorming. The Sabbath before Halloween, they were encouraged by watching the short GLOW in the Dark promotional video sent in the weekly GLOW email.

On Halloween, participants set up a table for hot drinks and decorated it as others wrote GLOW on paper bags with glow-in-the-dark paint and stuffed them with GLOW tracts and fruit gummies. Two others went to work making two wooden signs on which they spelled "GLOW" with lights. They were all ready and had a short prayer together just as the sun started going down.

As kids started to come by, the group gave them each a bag containing the GLOW tract and let them pick out a couple glow sticks in their favorite colors. Hot drinks were a big hit that cold night as well, especially with the parents.

Members felt blessed to be able to pass out the tracts, to come together as a church family and to share the light of Jesus in their community. They plan to make this a regular event at their church and would like to encourage others to make GLOW a part of future Halloweens, well as a regular part of their everyday lives.

February 14, 2014 / Montana Conference